100FD Guest Dater: Lisa's Mentally Unstable Date



How did you meet? Out at a bar, I was on a hens night*, he was with friends


Name: Prefer to forget but lets call him Mitch


Height: Tallish


Age: 27


Occupation: IT


Good quotes from date:    

"Why don’t you want to go out with me again, what’s your problem? I think you’re being really judgmental and very unfair, you haven’t even given me a chance." (end of date)

"Do you know, the worst dates I've ever been on have been with people who worked in mental health. I'm just saying."


Why is he still single? See above

Did he pay for the date?  No thanks

Did he contact you after the date?  God no

How many dates did you go on? One was too many

Would you recommend to a friend?  No and no and no



Mitch seemed like a nice enough guy, and we had chatted well on the phone before we met up so I had high hopes. However, the date was full of misadventures. We accidentally got lost in a new shopping centre and couldn’t get out, then the bar he had booked for comedy had a power outage, and then we came back an hour later to find that their sprinkler system had broken. I found all these events kinda funny and thought it could be a bonding experience. Mitch on the other hand proceeded to get uptight and grumpy. Still, I thought ok, he just wanted to make a good impression.


As the date progressed I realised there was no spark and, as Mitch had said that he valued honesty, at the end of the date when he wanted to make future plans I decided to tell him, as gently as possible that I felt no spark. At this point he lost it, called me judgemental, told me I was being unfair, and then attacked my profession (see good quotes from the date). Nice work Mitch. That’s really going to help you get a second date.

*Australian for bachelorette party

Sounds to me like Mitch should see a mental health professional himself to cure him of HIS judgemental-ness. I'm glad you were honest at the end of the date, and I'm sorry his tiny ego couldn't handle it. But not that sorry because it makes a great post.

Thanks for sharing!


Guest Dater: Kim's Sex & Ex Date

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? Through a friend of his I met at a dinner party

Name: Jordan

Height: 5'10"

Age: 30

Occupation: IT at a finance company

Good quotes from date:

"I understand you don't eat animal meat, what about other meat?"

"The only food I like is Italian. This restaurant sucks".

"Why would I move out? My mom cooks for me and does my laundry"

Why is he still single?
He constantly talks about sex and his horrible ex fiancee

Did he pay for the date?
Yes (although he had free passes for the movie)

Did he contact you after the date? Yes

How many dates did you go on? 4

Would you recommend to a friend? No


I knew he had called off his engagement three months prior and had to move back home, but he told me he was ready to date. On our fourth date he tried to get frisky and I wasn't up for it. He texted me the next day saying he was just using me to get in my pants and since I wasn't into it, he doesn't want to go out anymore. He gets free movie passes on Tuesdays from work (which he took me to on our second date) and told me I'm number 10 on his list for next Tuesday.

OMG, where to begin here? 
  • I'm curious as to what kind of meat exists besides animal meat.
  • People who ONLY like Italian food frighten me. (Keep in mind I'm Italian.)
  • Dear Jordan's mom, you need to stop this now. He's 3 decades old.
  • Using free movie passes on a date is like...like...I actually can't think of anything more cheap.
  • I can't imagine why his fiancee wouldn't want to marry him.
Kim thanks so much sharing, but so sorry you had endure 4 dates with this cheap, insulting, mama's boy. Be glad you're his #10 for free-movie-pass Tuesday because hopefully that means he'll never get to you. 

Really, dude, really?

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100FD Guest Dater: StephanieK's Porn-y Date

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? Online

Name: Eric

Height: 5'9 (according to profile....real life 5'6 or 5'7...I on the other hand have 5'9 on my profile and am, in fact, 5'9 real life)

Age: 26

Occupation: Construction Manager

Good quotes from date:

"Wow, you are really tan AND really blonde. You must be a porn star."

(first thing said to me after "Hi I'm Eric". Also, #1 this is from the summer, hence the tan, and #2 I am NOT skinny nor do I have a large chest, so it was really just insulting).

"Come on, every kid's Dad has a porn stash and every kid finds it."

"Every dude has porn."

"Seriously though, have you ever thought about doing porn?"

"Man I am getting a hungry, I may have to order takeout when I get home" 

(It's about 7:00pm at this time and he did invite me out for dinner/drinks, but hey who's paying attention!?)

"Oh wow you are REALLY tall!"

Why is he still single? Besides his quotations above? Perhaps his loud talking or his constant stories about himself and nothing of relevance. He never once asked me about myself.

Did he pay for the date? Hellz yeah---there was no way I was going to get those minutes back of my life, so the least he could do was pay for my three drinks.

Did he contact you after the date? No, thank GAWD.

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? absolutely not.

Comments: I arrived first, so I was sitting at the bar when he arrived. I didn't stand up during the date (to use the bathroom, etc). I could tell he wasn't super tall, but when we stood to leave and he treated me to another unnecessary outburst describing my height, I really wanted to punch him in the face. I instantly wished I had worn 3" heels so I could really tower over him. When we walked to the parking garage, we did the super awkward hug where you stand as far away from each other as possible. I think a family of three could have fit in between us.

So many problems with this date, so little time or energy to break it down. First, why do guys lie about their height in online profiles? Dudes - If your intent is to actually meet the ladies you email, we WILL find out the truth - so just embrace your shortcomings.

Second, why so many porn references? I mean with the internet and being 26, I would think that this guy could get his fair share of boobies and ass at home, and wouldn't need to bring that to a date.

Third, thank you Stephanie for sharing this date with all of us. I laughed when I first read it and I'm laughing again now. But really - have you thought about doing porn? 


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