I spent $20 and all i got was this lousy...

Palm reading.

A scam, of course. But could be fun, if I'm made to feel as though it's not a scam. So one balmy night, three friends and I wandered up some sketchy staircase off Sixth avenue to see Miss Julia. It was my first time.

Here's the earth shattering truth all found in the palm of my hand in 5 minutes!
  • I'm an honest person. Yes.
  • I come from a good mother. True.
  • I have many jealous friends around me. Who doesn't?
  • Someone cares about me very, very much. A man. No kidding.
  • I have much negativity in my love life. Who doesn't?
  • I should have been married by now. Well, i coulda been to the wrong guy, Mr. Runaway Ex. No thanks.
For more $20 bills she can really help me work through my negative love life. No thanks. I have a blog for that.

Sex is cheap and it's our fault

My friend sent me this article:
Fuck if i know. My initial thoughts after reading this:
  • Why is the rise the women leading to the downfall in men?
  • Why can't men and women evolve together?
  • Why can't i be wooed by one man, and have meaningless sex with another? (i've learned that this can't be the same man)
  • Is the internet truly evil? (porn! online dating!)
  • Should I become a lesbian? Women are where its at.
  • I'm not being wooed romantically or having meaningless sex right now. What am i doing wrong?
I don't have the answers. Do you? 

Leave your thoughts in the Comments, or drop me an email at onehundredfirstdates@gmail.com

Maybe together, we can come up with a solution. Or just make me feel better about being totally clueless.

16. July 2010: Ken, A Special One

How did you meet? online

Name: Ken

Height: 5'10"

Age: 31

Occupation: PhD candidate in biology

Good quotes from date: *We never had a date, see comments

Did you make out? No

Why is he still single? Because he's not over his ex, see comments

Did he pay for the date? 

Did he contact you after the date?

How many dates did you go on? 0

Would you recommend to a friend? no way


A perfect gentleman or so it would seem. He wanted to call me to chat before we met, who is the 1st guy who has ever wanted to talk on the phone. How endearing.

We chatted, it was natural, he emailed about making a date. We made one. He texted how he was so looking forward to our meeting. He had to cancel because of work we rescheduled for two days later. He picked the time and place. Fast forward three hours prior to the date, I get an email saying:

"i hope this isn't annoying, but i really can't meet you tonight or ever. I had a long draining conversation with my ex last night and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not ready to date. sorry, good luck!"

Guys keep wishing me good luck, but it isn't coming my way. 

UPDATE: October 2010 

I woke up to a funny email from Ken with the subject line "Random email that you didn't expect to receive and that I don't expect a reply to"...

Honestly at first I thought it was spam because I didn't recognize his name, but I should of known. As my good friend often says "They always come back."

Ken jogged my memory about how were supposed to meet but his 'situation' (and I don't mean Jersey Shore kind of situation) with his ex-girlfriend got in the way and he wasn't ready to date at the time. He wanted to know if I am still single and willing to meet a semi-random stranger because and I quote "What's the worst that can happen?" It would be great to meet me sometime so please let him know.

I looked for his online profile again but I couldn't find it - he must have taken it down. Both curiosity and the potential that this meeting could be great fodder for my loyal blog readers compels me to respond.