Name: Lisa Allison Pertoso

Height: 5' 7" (unless I’ve shrunk)

Age: 40

Occupation:  Entrepreneur / Speaker / Writer / Comedian

Why Am I Still Single: I’m not. I married my 137th first date…as he likes to call himself. I stopped counting after 100.

Comments: Since my dating project and my decade of performing improv comedy my heart and mind are more open than ever. This is what freed me to find my life partner, get married, and have a baby. Is it happily ever after? No way. I prefer life to be real, ridiculous, and full of fun.

What I’m Up to in 2019:

Working on a book inspired by 100FD, writing satire over at Medium, and helping people to be better humans at work and in life through my learning experience company Follow the Fear.

Thank you for your continued support and love. If you'd like to share your thoughts about the 100FD book take my quick questionnaire here.



Name: Lisa Allison (aka Ally)

Twitter: @100FD

Instagram: @100FD

Email: LA@100fd.com

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 36

Occupation:  Writer / Producer / Facilitator / Comedian

Why Am I Still Single: Read all my posts. You'll get it.

Comments:  100 First Dates started after my almost-fiancé surprisingly dumped me like a scared baby. After copious amounts of crying, therapy, and alcohol, I did what any strong woman would do: I got back out there. Really out there. These are my stories: true, real, ridiculous.

I was confident I'd find love again long before I reached 100 first dates, but guess what? I don't know sh*t about life and that's what gets me up in the morning.


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Photo by  sanjiv nayak  on  Unsplash


Lisa is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and comedian whose mission is to help people be more human through play, experience-based learning, and self-reflection.

Ten years ago after an epic breakup, she began following her fears to rediscover happiness. Lisa jumped out of a plane, threw herself down mountains on a snowboard, and stumbled into an improvisational theater class. Moving her body in new and playful ways freed her mind and heart, and she soon realized her improv skills were helping her navigate dating and relationships.

Lisa chronicled her quest for love on 100 First Dates, her blog that included essays, interviews, a podcast, and of course, recaps of her first, second, and some rare third dates. She has written and spoken about dating for Glamour, Women’s Health Magazine, People Magazine’s People Now, and NBC NY Live.

Currently she’s writing a book and running her learning experience company Follow the Fear. Lisa lives and plays in Brooklyn with her baby daughter and husband who she met long after her 100th first date.