Name: Lisa Allison (aka Ally)

Twitter: @100FD

Instagram: @100FD

Email: LA@100fd.com

Height: 5' 7"

Age: 36

Occupation:  Writer / Producer / Facilitator / Comedian

Why Am I Still Single: Read all my posts. You'll get it.

Comments:  100 First Dates started after my almost-fiancé surprisingly dumped me like a scared baby. After copious amounts of crying, therapy, and alcohol, I did what any strong woman would do: I got back out there. Really out there. These are my stories: true, real, ridiculous.

I was confident I'd find love again long before I reached 100 first dates, but guess what? I don't know sh*t about life and that's what gets me up in the morning.

UPDATE 2017: I'm getting married to my best friend in July. He's pretty dope and I'm pretty sure our relationship wouldn't be as great as it is if I hadn't done this 100FD project. Stay tuned for 100FD book...

Photo by:  Daniel Castro

Photo by: Daniel Castro


Email me, Tweet me, Instagram me, hire a messenger pigeon to say hello. Let's talk over coffee about collaborating and creating content here or elsewhere - essays, interviews, podcasts, videos, radio/TV/ theater shows or anything else. I'm a great date. SERIOUSLY.


Lisa Allison is a writer, comedian, and the creator of 100 First Dates, which is a blog, podcast, and now a live comedy show in NYC.  She also designs improvisation workshops for individuals and companies to flex their creative muscles and be better at life. 

Lisa spends most of her time in Brooklyn bike riding and observing humans. She has a thing for bad horror movies and good coffee. She does not own a cat.