1. I have t-shirts longer than any relationship

2. Why online dating (tinder) has made me (and probably you) more judgmental than ever. 

- awful cliches

- awful photos with fish and tigers and snuggling cats

- height 

- bad bad grammar

3. Virtual 100FD tour around brooklyn bars & parks

4.. Overheard in park: after he forgot my name on the first date, he wanted to take me out to dinner to make up for it. 

5. Its takes a village to date - me, craig and melissa, helped her ask out a guy via text

6. Be My 100 contest update (lessons learned)

Reactions - not for me. I'm not a social media guy. I dont want to be the brunt of a joke. Let's skip video and date now. I wanna be your 100 but....

- i want to be with someone who asks: what did you learn from this project not why are you doing it? someone creative and assertive who would make a fun video


7. I have a tendency to date men who hate things

8. 4 Years of Felicity and 100Fd. Like a university stint?



-She stopped liking his instagram photos

---- like everything (i'm not special if you like anything) or only like like things

- Some people have babies. I have dates. 

- "I want to meet someone in a bookstore"

- The time I wasn't in People Magazine (rejection, disappoint, how i deal with it)

- IMPROV for dating - Yes, And concept

- Barrier to entry of video contest is HIGH, barrier to enter online dating ZERO ( that's why quality is shit)

- DATELANDIA: interviews plus sketches

- WEB SERIES: with Stef, with Amy Chan (Dan video?)

---Dating writers drinking coffee on a couch

- Why Lipstick is all you need. Really.

-- sit in coffee shop with sign and see what happens

-- Five worst dates and what I should have said back

--Five worst dates fall into certain buckets!