13. May 2010: Will

How did you meet? OFFLINE, he served me drinks

Name: will

Height: 6'4"

Age: 29

Occupation: music producer/bartender

Good quotes from date: "i moved to ny to be a rapper." huh?

Did you make out? no, but i wanted to 

Why is he still single? very non-committal, trying to get his music career off the ground.

Did he pay for the date? first drink no, next two yes

Did he contact you after the date? yes, via text right after saying he had a good time. cute!...fast forward... and we have been texting ever since (*its august now). he texts me about every three weeks asking what i'm up to and if i want to hang out in the next 12-24hrs. i'm always busy, for real. i would love to see him again if he could ever make a plan ahead of time. alas, i don't think that's possible.

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? no

Comments: he is hot enough for me to overlook the once a month texting and i would see him again.