14. June 2010: Daniel

How did you meet? online

Name: Daniel

Height: 6'0"

Age: 30

Occupation: Film/music web producer

Good quotes from date:

On world politics:

Him: "Bangkok, is in china right?" - me in my head: (should i tell him its not?)
Him: "The fall of communism is over in China"
Me: "I'm pretty sure its not" (you know, because I lived there.)
Him: "Wow I'm really selling myself short tonight"

Did you make out? noooooo

Why is he still single? Not good with first impressions, some hygiene issues, awkward...

Did he pay for the date? yes

Did he contact you after the date? no

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? no

After emailing in April and making a plan to meet up, he cancelled on me and then faded away. We reconnected in June, made a plan, which he cancelled again. At this point curiosity was getting the better of me and I really just wanted to go out. He finally suggested we meet later that night because "It's so hard to schedule things in NYC, huh?!"

Really, it's not that hard. Pick a time. Pick a place. Show up.