26. October 2010: Ken, A real date this time

How did you meet? Online back in July (but he is offline now)

Name: Ken

Height: 5'10"

Age: 31

Occupation: PhD candidate in biology

Good quotes from date:

Him: "So I have this really old bicycle that is falling apart but I can't bring myself to sell it."
Me: "Why not?"
Him: "Because I'll feel really guilty if someone buys it, tries to ride it and gets killed."
Me (in my head): This might be a real man with feelings. I'm intrigued.

Him: "I'm doing cancer research"
Me: "so you're curing cancer?"
Him: "Haha, sort of"
Me (in my head): I'm definitely intrigued.
(oh, did i mention he has a british accent? well he does and it's kinda sexy)

Why is he still single? To refresh your memory see date 16He and his ex still had some emotional baggage to sort through, but according to his email he is over that now (I'm discovering that 3 months is usually the magical amount of time to get over someone). He is back in the game.

Did he pay for the date? yes

Did he contact you after the date? Yes the next day via email asking to hang out again soon

How many dates did you go on? 1 real one

Would you recommend to a friend?  I need to see how this plays out for myself first

Comments: Because ken pissed me off back in July for canceling three hours before our rescheduled date, after multiple calls and texts, I showed up with absolutely no expectations, which I'm realizing might be the answer to all of these dates.

Dressed very casually with minimal make-up, I ordered tea while he drank beer. He asked me if I drink. Oh boy, he has no idea...yes, I said, just not tonight. Conversation (he is smart, well traveled and down-to-earth) was interesting but trying at times because were both extremely tired from work.

At one point we stared across the table at each another while sipping our respective glasses during one of those awkward-silences-because-are-actually-strangers moments and I wondered if either of us were having a good time or if we were just faking it. I truly couldn't tell. Then he laughed, then I really couldn't tell.

We hugged goodbye and he said he would like to do this again, just maybe not on a tuesday night. I didn't really believe him, but the more I thought about it on the way home...the more I thought i would like to do it again too.