26.1 October 2010: Ken, Again

How did you meet? Online back in July (but he is offline now)

Name: Ken

Height: 5'10"

Age: 32 (he's had a birthday since July)

Occupation: PhD candidate in biology

Date #2: It was not a tuesday, which fared better for both us. or maybe it was the four jack n' gingers we each had...either way it was a more entertaining time than date #1. we chatted about life, what we look for in people we date, what dating even means these days, and how meeting online is both weird and normal at the same time. i know we talked a lot more about ourselves but i'm afraid i won't be able to remember much it, again, thanks to the jack n' gingers. somewhere in the middle of the date he kissed me and by the end of date we were eating mozzarella sticks at a diner. so that is that.

Did he contact you after the date?  yes, since then we have chatted on the phone briefly a few times (i've mentioned he's a phone guy, which i'll admit still weirds me out a bit), and have scheduled date #3. so we shall see...