26.2 October 2010: Ken, the end.

How did you meet? online back in July (but he is offline now)

Name: ken

Height: 5'10"

Age: 32 (he's had a birthday since July)

Occupation: phD candidate in biology

Date #3: Third time, not a charm. the same issues surfaced from date #1, which leads me to believe that date #2 was a fluke induced by four jack n' gingers. this can sometimes happen. as in date #2 we went 'dutch' on our rounds of drinks and i realized a few things:

1) this is not a date because i'm buying my own drinks

2) he used the same lines to try to kiss me at the bar as he did during date #2 but because i was not drunk i did not fall for it...then he tried again while saying goodbye at the subway...which leads to

3) i need a little wining and dining first before you go for the gold.
        *to any men reading this, this is not a myth, this is true. buy me (or any woman) two beers, open a door, pull out a stool, and you might be engaging in a make out session at the end of night. it's that simple.

Did he contact you after the date?  oh yes, when he got home that night he called and left a message saying he had a good time, and followed up the next day with an email saying he hopes to see me again. i have to give this guy credit: his follow up is impeccable. i have not responded. sometimes the fade away is easier.