28. December 2010: Casey

How did you meet? online

Name: casey

Height: 6'2" (finally!)

Age: 37

Occupation: filmmaker

Good quotes from date:

i know i should stop smoking...in fact i did for two years, then, well it's a long story...one that starts in paris and ends in vegas. what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas.

Why is he still single? not sure. i could ask myself the same question.

Did he pay for the date? yes! for two drinks and unlike #27, when the bartender said "would you like to open a tab?" he answered quickly and affirmatively, as if that was a perfectly normal question for two people standing at a bar.

Did he contact you after the date? ...

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? yes

Comments: this guy is normal, down to earth, and a guy's guy. a refreshing change for sure. i would definitely go out with him again. we had good conversation, we were both makin' the jokes. but as with all online dates you never know what the other person is thinking.