December 2010: An offline meet-up

How did you meet?

offline at a 'singles' party at a bar. my first one of these. i threw caution to the wind and it was actually fun. i went with a girlfriend.

Name: aaron and mike (twins!)

Height: 5'7"

Age: 39

Occupation: not sure

The scene:

a dark bar, a dj, a creepy dude dressed as santa wearing only a wife-beater and a santa hat wanders around asking you to sit on his lap for a photo in front of the tree. naturally, i was the first one to do so. it was funny. single ladies and dudes milling around, not yet drunk, scoping out the scene. funny, porn nametags that we created break the ice as someone walks by you and says "so tell me the story behind Muffy."

after several ginger and whiskeys we chatted up twins who were friendly, open and interesting. i danced with aaron, while his brother wandered off and my girlfriend found a new guy to chat up.  aaron bought me a drink (so rare!), and at the end of the night drove me, my friend and her new dude friend home even though it was out of his way--which was really, really nice on a cold winter night. he asked for my number. now we are all friends on facebook.

Good quotes from the night:

mike: "we're the asian kardashians! (long drunken pause)... can you look me up on facebook?"  i'm not sure who the third sister is

Why is he (they) still single? not sure yet

Did he contact you after the night? yes, aaron texted me a few days later asking if i wanted to go to a museum. i had plans that day but it was a nice gesture.

Would you recommend to a friend? sure

Comments: there was something refreshing about the fact that everyone in the room was single, took less pressure off because we were all there for the same reason. i mean, there were the token weird guys dancing by themselves and leering at the ladies, but overall it was rather normal. might go to more of these.