31. January 2011: Diego

How did you meet? online (i decided to try a different site for the new year)

Name: Diego

Height: 5'10"

Age: 28

Occupation: web designer

Good quotes from date:

 "You'll have to tell me what it's like to turn 30."

Sorry, but that needed to be bolded.I actually asked him to repeat this because i wasn't sure i heard correctly. sadly, i had heard correctly.

see comments...

Did he pay for the date? no and i'm pretty sure he didn't even think of it as a date

Did he contact you after the date? i'm sure he won't

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? absolutely not


I know a lot about him because he talked and talked and talked. I'm not sure if he even asked me a question. The hilarious part is that in his online profile he says that a first date no-no is when one person gives a monologue...and here he was going on and on about himself.

During this monologue I learned several things:

-He only went on this particular dating site for a job interview, to do research, to potentially work for the site. I'm the first person he's met and I'm essentially part of the research -- he actually told me this before the appetizer. This would have been better kept to himself.

-He just moved here 4 days ago! Something he neglected to say in his various emails. Instead he said "I'll be back in town next week".

-He proceeded to tell me his impressions and experiences of a country in which he spent only 5 weeks, the very same country in which I lived for over a year. He never once asked me about my impressions or experiences there.

-He told me what real 'pizza' is. He knows this because one time he was in Napoli (Naples, he explained to me when I didn't ask. And i didn't explain to him that my grandfather is from there, I've been there, and as a new yorker and an Italian, i KNOW what real pizza is.)

-He told me i shouldn't put the hot sauce on the dish i ordered because it was sweet and wouldn't go together. I considered this as I squeezed as much of that delicious hot sauce on my dinner as I could, in the hope that the heat would be a more pleasant pain on my tongue then the current pain I was suffering in my ears from his chatter.