The science of Single: In prose and in Life...2nd Date with #29 - Aaron

A good start to the evening of my second date with Aaron was listening to Rachel Machacek read from and answer questions about her recently published book The Science of Single, where she tries every way possible to date in hopes of meeting the right man.

My gut reaction before I went was "Honey, I don't need to read your book - I'm living it!", but I admit as I stood among the small, huddled group in Borders bookstore I felt happy that I came, and I knew I needed to read her book. I was comforted to know that we women are not alone in the hilarious chaos that is dating today, and even more so that she lives in DC so I can't keep blaming this great city for my singleness. Dating didn't seem so serious anymore.

While waiting in the book signing line, a woman started telling me a story about how one man kept asking her out and wanting to go to the movies. when she finally agreed he approached the ticket window and said "One, please". When his credit card was charged accidentally for two tickets he asked for a refund. Sound familiar? Maybe his name was Don...

Date #29.1: January 2011: Aaron

Comments: Only in New York could I go on a date and end up talking to four other men in the bar besides my date. Our date was a hostile takeover by three men in town from North Carolina, and the two entertaining bar proprietors.

I'll spare you the details but the evening began nicely with Aaron and I getting a crash course in bourbon from the bartender, which was great since we are both whiskey novices and I'm really starting to enjoy bourbon. Suddenly out of nowhere, Matt, an older, chatty guy in town for business started talking to us and three hours later I was drunk with three business cards in my pocket.

Aaron and I stumbled out of the bar and hadn't really had any time to talk to each other, and yet we both knew Matt's whole life history. Ah, New York!

Needless to say the shared cab ride home was a bit awkward in the sense that, although we had fun, neither us knew what the hell happened to our 'date', and I wasn't any closer to feeling sure that were friends or more than friends. We need a dinner, a more formal date and more talking to just each other to see about that.

We are still in contact so there might be more to come...and as for being single, I certainly wish it were as cut and dry as science.