37. March 2011: Alan

How did you meet? online

Name:  Alan

Height: 5'8"

Age: 35

Occupation: artist/painter/designer

Good quotes from date:  He suggested we meet at a coffee place so naturally i asked...
Me: "How's the coffee here?".
Him: "I don't know, i drink tea."

Why is he still single? I'm not sure, it was an ideal first date where we didn't touch on the subject of ex-significant others and relationships.

Did he pay for the date? yes (i ordered a beer, and he ordered a lemonade....is that wrong?)

Did he contact you after the date? no

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? yes

Comments: He was a genuinely nice guy and he gave off positive energy, which i liked. i might text him good luck on a job interview that he has in the next few days. i like him as a person. i'm starting to see these dates less as dates and more as 'meet-ups', or opportunities to meet interesting people outside my circle.

Oh in case you're wondering....no, this guy did not call me back to reschedule, nor did the guy i met at the bar afterward. Is this because we made out when he walked me home? this is a topic i'll be revisiting in another post.