A funny thing happened on the way to date 36

Dating is hard for so many reasons, and text messaging doesn't make it any easier...

How did you meet? online

Name: Taylor

Height: 5'8"

Age: 32

Occupation: i don't know (see comments)

Did he contact you after the date? no, i don't think he'll be rescheduling

How many dates did you go on? zero


On monday night Taylor stood me up.  Or so i thought. 

In a common case of modern texting mis-communication, my date texted me several times while i was underground on the subway traveling to the bar. His last message asked if we could reschedule for another time.

When i surfaced i only got some of his messages (not the reschedule one) so i arrived at the bar and waited. After waiting for 20 minutes, and drinking my beer alone, i picked up my phone to call him and express my annoyance at his lateness. Just then i received his final text message asking to reschedule. Thanks to the wonders of having an iphone on AT&T in new york city, we sometimes receive messages 30 minutes late. 

I called him and he apologized for the miscommunication saying we really should reschedule. i'm sure the tone of my voice implied otherwise. i immediately called my best friend and told her i'm over online dating - for good! There is no accountability and I hate text messages because they aren't reliable and i don't always have my phone right next me, and why didn't he just show up at bar as we planned? blah, blah, blah, i went on and on.

On my way home, i was still a bit angry and also hungry so i stopped at my neighborhood bar for dinner. After a few minutes i started talking to the cute guy sitting next to me. He made me laugh, and he was sweet, and conversation flowed organically. He had a cute smile, and he asked for my number. He even walked me home - and we might have made out. Ok, so we did.

Maybe the night wasn't a waste after all. We'll see if he calls.

Gabe did text and call and a summer fling ensued...