38. April 2011: Jake, "Your escape plan is duly noted"

How did you meet? my friend set us up

(i've only been on 2 other set-up dates in my life. they were so disastrous i began to wonder how well my friends really know me)

Name:  Jake

After a few emails and a proper amount of internet stalking, we made a date, but not before he made it very clear that he could only meet early in the night because he "had a friend in town he had to see."

Height: 5'7"

Age: 28 (younger than me by a few)

Occupation: tech business consultant (not an artist! not a designer!)

Good quotes from date:

"You know i really DO have a friend in town...(laughter)." (sure, sure)

"I don't use top sheets on my bed." (i don't either!)

"At any given time in my life i want to have traveled to more countries than my age." (this is such a turn-on)

Why is he still single? he just moved here a year ago and he's trying to get his career in order. i don't see him being single for long (see comments).

Did he pay for the date? yes. i offered and he actually said, "no, it's my treat, i asked you out."Another turn-on.

Did he contact you after the date? pending 

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? not yet, i'd like to see if he asks me out again

Comments: This was a good set-up date (thank you friend!). He is a really down-to-earth, un-hipster, un-pretentious, good dude. For 3 hours over wine and cheese he acted like a gentleman, made me laugh, and asked me questions. He walked me to the subway. We hugged. He said, "sorry to leave you to hang out with my friend". I told him to tell his "friend" i said hello.

Update - No he did not ask me out. He said...