#38 Says: "See you around"

#38 Jake, aka Mr. Escape-plan, is not interested in me.

But of course i knew this when it took him 4 days to respond to my polite "thank you for the drinks" email. And this knowledge was further cemented when he said in his email "nice meeting you too...hope to see you around".

"Around" is infinitely better than "see you soon" -- read more on this on the amazing dating blog, sexytypewriter.com. "Soon" is worse because it really means "never", and you both know this so it's just awkward all around.

I've learned that "See you around" in dude-speak means two things:

1) i don't want to sleep with you now.

2) i acknowledge that because we have a mutual friend i might actually see you again in the future, and I won't want to sleep with you then either.