Am I too fast?

I'm not on OKCupid anymore but my good friend is, and she was kind enough to share a message she received last night from a 51 year old. I don't know about you ladies, but i wouldn't let this one get away.

you're more outdoorsy than me and esoteric but i am falling for your profile picture.  you look so sweet and dangerous and i love that.  hey we don't have to follow each other around all day do we or be hooked at the  i like museums and art and making soooo much art and working on selling it and being my boss and traveling to France and Italy and NYC and SOBE and so much more like SHoredictch in LOndon.  Sooo much to do and see.  Want a companion to share it all with.  Could you miss a bowling event or two?lol  No, I am serious.  You may not want to be taken too far out of your orbit.  I would understand.  I really like my orbit right now.  I live in the south and plan to move to a big city soon like NYC.  or Paris.  even London.  I found that I can photograph just as well in the rain there.  So much to see and shoot there!  Well, you have been to some exciting places lately.  Bravo on quitting your job and just being you and taking a chance and going for it!!!  I admire that.  Meeting me might be risky.  Well I flatter  I mean we are in the same galaxy but we may be different in fun ways.  Hey, what do you know about sales and promotion?  THis is my major weekend i mean  So I will be coming to NYC May 4-8.  Be great to meet if you find you are into it.  Am I too fast?  Guess you gotta be if you live in Wilmington, NC.  Distance makes a huge difference until you're living together under one roof. laugh.  You bring out my sense of humor.  OK Cupid!  It's in his/her/it's hands.

All the very best in life,

Billy Cone

Laugh, laugh, laugh.