A friend of a friend might not be a friend of mine

I ventured out this week to a friend-of-a-friend singles party hosted by a meetup group in the city. The concept is simple: 50 single women show up with one cool single man friend (a man who they don't want to sleep with, but who they would 'recommend to a friend').

I won't lie it was NOT easy finding a man in my life who fit that description. The only men i know are either:

     1. dating or married to my girlfriends
     2. gay
     3. men i may want to sleep with at some point so i don't want to share

The party was at a swanky downtown hotel. i threw my skinny jeans and boots aside and i wore a dress. I was excited for something different and fun.

Instead i got awkward and disappointing.

After some cheesy but necessary ice breakers and a steady flow of alcohol, i was free to roam around the room and find an interesting man to talk to. Instead i met some interesting women to chat with, and some less-than-interesting men.

When the men weren't complaining to me about how they'd been dragged to this event by a coworker, sister or friend, they hovered around the bar downing as many cocktails as possible.

One conversational low-light:

Guy with accent: "I'm really into snowboarding."

Me: "Oh, me too!"

Guy with accent: "Really? are you good?"

Me: "Well i just started last year but i ride the intermediate trails and i'm--"

Guy with accent interrupts me: "That means you're NOT good."

Me in my head: WTF?

Not one man asked for my number, which really worked out because i didn't meet one man who i wanted to hear from ever again.  Is it true? Are all of the good men taken or gay?