Ok, Cupid, I've had enough

Dear OkCupid,

I cannot begin to express how much our year-long relationship has meant to me. You helped me bounce back from a soul-crushing break-up with a man who I thought I was going to marry. You made me get out of bed and back into the dating world. You exposed me to dozens of man-boys within a 5-mile radius, and at times they exposed themselves to me (read: penis pics).

I'll never forget the thrill I felt when seeing new messages from you in my inbox. Could they be from someone hot, someone funny, someone who might be ‘the one’?  (not usually; hardly ever; no). Thank you for surprising me while I man-browsed with of all of those pink flashing instant messages containing talk of penis size, penis piercings, and how those penis’ could make me feel if I could just give them a chance.

I will always cherish those drunken-pizza-eating late nights we spent together in my bed. You were free, comforting, and always there for me (provided my internet connection didn’t fail). I admit I’ll miss playing your quickmatch game of rating people solely on their photos, which initially disgusted me but then amused me.

The truth of it is, I love you but I’m no longer 'in' love with you. And yes, I could treat you just like the myriad of men you’ve introduced me to by deleting my profile without saying a word. But I can’t do that because I respect you and value the time we spent together.

I am who I am, and this blog is what it is because of you, and because of that please know you’ll always have a place in my heart. But I have to move on. I have to try to meet men other ways (or through other sites). I hope you understand, and I really hope we can be friends – on Facebook.

With love,

The dater