0. May 2011: Best Date Ever!

With myself. 

Here are some quick and easy steps on how to have the most amazing date - with yourself.

1.  Take the day off.

2. Get summer-ready hair with some highlights.

 3. Sit in a park in the unusually warm spring sun.

4. Take off your shoes. People watch.

5. Eat a seared tuna salad. Make sure every leaf is smothered in that delicious ginger dressing.

6. Drink lemonade.

7. Listen to the jazz bands dueling on each side of the park.

8. Watch a little girl twirl around in her Cinderella dress until she gets dizzy. Watch an older man walk by and smile at her with no teeth and say, "Hey, little girl, i can spin like that too." He twirls. Watch the little girl take about 5 seconds to contemplate what she is seeing and then watch her flash the biggest smile and squeak out the cutest laugh. (watch my biological clock - tick, toc.)

9. Go the MOMA because you never go as often as you want to and you are a member. Look at Picasso's guitars that he made out of cardboard. Spend too long in the German expressionism exhibit and realize how little you know about art history.

 10. Get on a train to the country to visit family.

11. Eat a huge Italian meal with your family. Don't think about calories, or gluten, or carbs. None of that matters.

12. What does matter is you. Remember that you are your best date. YOU are amazing.

13. Remind yourself of this every day.

This is how to begin to your Memorial Day weekend.

This is how to begin your summer. 

A summer that you know will be filled with warm breezes, twirling, lemonade, old men, young men, art, food, and love.

And maybe, just maybe a little magic. 

Throw a coin...Make a wish...