100FD Guest Dater: My Gay Husband

My bestest friend since high school, a.k.a. "my gay husband", shares a date with us. 


100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet?  We met at a birthday party. Of course I was shocked to see him since we work in the same building and I didn't know he was gay. 

Name: Michael


Height: 6'1"

Age: 40 (Surprisingly, he looks no older than 34. He must moisturize) 


Occupation: Lobbyist

Good quotes from date:   There were no ringers that stand out.

Why is he still single?   Good question. I asked him the day after via text and I never heard back from until until a week and a half later. I'm guessing he either didn't like to be questioned that way or he thought the date was just an oral interview to be his concubine. 


Did he pay for the date?    Nope. I asked him on the date so I picked up the tab. AND, I brought that b*stard a cupcake from Curbside Cupcake as a surprise. 

Did he contact you after the date?   Yes; immediately after to thank me (via text); which was nice. But, a good week and a half went by before I heard back from him (Please see the "Why is he still single?" section); but that was due to me reaching out with a "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are things?" text. 

How many dates did you go on?   One. He said he wanted to do dinner (last week) and would contact me. In that time my phone number nor e-mail address has not changed. Additionally, I believe messenger pigeons (though primitive) are still in use; so I'm still trying to figure out why he hasn't contacted me for that date. 


Would you recommend to a friend?   Can't say that I would. He's easy on the eyes; but deeming him a flake would be too much of a compliment. 

Comments:   I was pretty psyched to go out on a date with this guy.  I've always thought he was attractive while seeing him at work. Then finding out he was gay and wanted to have dinner with me was the icing on the cake. The conversation during the date was good. Of course, that gave me hope that we'd go on a second date shortly there after.  

I guess if my life depended on him contacting me for the second date, or even to say, "Hey, I had a good time with you but I don't think we clicked and do you mind just hanging out as friends?", I would be dead by now. I think moving forward I will think twice before trying to dip my quill in the company ink. 


If i were a gay man, i would have married you by now. Paying for dinner and bringing him a cupcake? So cute. Guess we both have to keep on truckin'.