40. May 2011: Carlos

How did you meet? online - my first match.com date

Name: Carlos

Height:  5'10"

Age: 28 or 29

Occupation: filmmaker/producer

Good quotes from date:  

Him: "Just dive right in, don't think about it." (as we ate falafel sandwiches.)

Me: "That's good advice for life."

Me: "Is this awkward?"  (as i waited with him in line to buy a metrocard at the end of our date. It was one of those moments where i wasn't sure if i should just leave him and get on my train, or wait with him, so i waited. Then i felt awkward, so i talked about it. Clearly, i'm the awkward one here.)

Why is he still single? the same reasons i am...not meeting anyone interesting the conventional way. We chatted about this.

Did he pay for the date? Yes

Did he contact you after the date? pending...

How many dates did you go on? one

Would you recommend to a friend? yes

Comments: Honestly this might have been the best date ever. Here's why:

1. He called me to plan the date. On the phone!
2. It only lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes.
3. We did not meet at a bar. We did not consume alcohol.
4. We met up in daylight. We walked around the village.
5. We ate sandwiches in Washington Square park. Very New York-y!
6. It started to rain, which forced the date to end early. I like to be home early on Sunday nights. (I'm old, remember?)
7. We hugged at the end of the date, and he asked me to hang out again before we parted ways.  
8. He is cute, and funny, and really chill. I like that.