42. May 2011: Rapture Day Date

Remember when the world didn't end in 2011? This date should have ended before it began.

How did you meet? Match.com 

Name: William 

Height:  5'11" 

Age: 32 

Occupation: techy something 

Good quotes from date:   

"Oh, I thought you were Asian!" (his greeting upon seeing me; I am not Asian. This was followed by a handshake/fist bump. I hoped for the world to end right then.)

"So you're from the Mayflower?" (upon hearing i grew up in New England)

"Is that cancer?" (upon seeing a birthmark on my hand)

"I really got a kick out of it." (upon summing up an article about female circumcision in Africa) 

Why is he still single? see "good quotes" 

Did he pay for the date? ha! he was the one to suggest brunch and when the check arrived  he quickly calculated our shares and said, "well mine was more, so i'll pay more." Thanks, buddy. Fist bump!

Did he contact you after the date?  i think my body language said it all.  

How many dates did you go on? 1 was more than enough 

Would you recommend to a friend? oh, dear no.  

Comments: This poor guy just didn't know when to shut up. He managed to insult Asians, pilgrims, Italians, anyone with cancer or anyone who knows someone with cancer, Africans, women and all feminists before the coffee even arrived. Upon its arrival he took one sip and said "Ugh, this is bad." My sentiments exactly - about this date.   

To restore my faith in humanity and online dating, i texted date #40 and we grabbed a drink that evening.  Stay tuned for date #40.1