Nugget O' the day: double-naught spy

From: 57 yr old male on

Location: NYC

Self Summary: 

Hippie, millionaire playboy, movie star, brain surgeon and "double-naught spy"

AND i done grad e ated highest in my class (6th grade) when she (you?) knows (know) that I am the one, and I know that she (you) is (are) the one, we probably won't resemble the pre conceived idea of our perfect mates. in fact, if God gave us His personal Mrs. / Mr. Potato Head kit, we probably wouldn't assemble anything resembling who our "the one" actually turns out

His message to me: 

"I couldn't be....more interested"
- Bob


My message to him (in my head) as I deleted his message to me: 

"I couldn't be.... less disinterested (both in you and your spelling skills)

 - me