I've got 99 problems but Match ain't one

Houston, we have a problem. I have too many dates.
Now I know what you're thinking:"shut up, you crazy lady", because all i do is bitch and blog about no dates, bad dates, or not enough good dates. i'm aware of the hyposcrisy, people. Really i am.

The real problem is timing...it's PMS/DMS (d is for during) week (bye-bye 1.5 male readers, we'll catch up next week). I feel fat and ugly and bloated, i'm eating salt and chocolate, and chocolate-covered salt, and this humid rain is not helping how i feel about my hair!

Deep yoga breathing....one...two....three...

Honestly, i have been pleasantly surprised with Match.com so far. I always thought it was too main stream and uncool. Oh, what's that you say? That i'm sitting on my couch in pjs on a friday night at 9pm blogging and eagerly anticpiating being in bed by 10pm? Oh, right, right...back to Match.

On OkCupid i always emailed/winked cute guys and never got any responses. I was also into to playing that stupid "If i like your face i'll rate you 5 stars" game, which is just a bad idea. On Match, i'm much more passive and i let the dudes do the work. I like that you can wink without a clever comment, and i've gotten some good emails from my winks. Yes, there are some oldies and creepers, but that's par for the online dating course.

I've noticed that guys on Match actually admit that they are looking for a partner, a girlfriend, someone with whom they have chemistry. I rarely read that on OkCupid profiles. Most of the guys fill in the "you should message me if" box with either "you want to" (original!) or a list of "don't" statements - "don't be a crazy crackhead, don't have tattoos, don't be vegan, don't dress your dog in clothes"... baggage much? 

So back to my little problem:

-This week started off well with date #40, who just texted today about getting a drink this weekend. Not a phone call but that's ok.

-We all shared the good times of date #41. i'm not sure i can look at grilled cheese the same way.

-A cute guy i winked at around the time i winked at #41, emailed me and said he doesn't like talking on "this thing" so when can we meet up? I found that kind of hot. We are going out on Tuesday for drinks.

-Meanwhile, back on OkCupid i was emailing this dude for several weeks (he'd been out of town for work), and he wants to get a drink soon.

-Tomorrow i have my first brunch date with a cute dude who i contacted first. We've been bantering some witty stuff over email, so i'm nervous that my expectations are already too high.

 -Yes, the 24 yr old is still texting me while on a two week vacation.

-Finally, the first guy who wrote me on Match who was cute and age appropriate (after way too many emails) suggested we meet up for a drink. I threw Sunday out there, but then i took it back because i'm already exhausted.

And my liver is rotting as i write this. Off to bed...

PS: for your viewing pleasure watch this SNL skit. Period humor IS funny.