Jason Bateman

No, he's not my new boyfriend but he should be. Cute, funny, what's not to like?

Gabe-the-24-yr-old and i are sitting on his couch watching Arrested Development. Wherever i was in my life during the time this show aired, i didn't watch it. That was dumb. Netflix, i love you. 

Me: "I love Jason Bateman."

Gabe: "Me too."

Me: "I've had a crush on him since The Hogan Family."

Gabe: "The what?"

Me: "Exactly."

A dude more "age appropriate" who grew up with a TV would certainly know The Hogan Family, and this would be the point where we banter on about how replacing Valerie with Aunt Sandy after the first season was not a wise move for the show. And really, those younger brothers never looked like twins to me.

I dare not ask Gabe about Justine Bateman, Family Ties, and Alex P. Keaton. I just can't go there. I'll cry.