Roses are red, violets are blue...would it kill you to buy me some flowers?

I have the privilege of working one block away from the flower district in NYC. During lunch i escape down the street and lose myself among the wonderful sights and scents of the flowers and trees, while the shopkeepers tell me i look beautiful. This happens. Not bad for a lunch time stroll. 

Sometimes i try to remember the last time a man gave me flowers unexpectedly. This is hard to do both because memory fades with age, and it happened SO LONG AGO.

The last dude to give me flowers was my ex-BF. You know, the one that ran out on me after almost 3 years. The one i thought i was going to marry, and then after he ran out, i thought "thank god we didn't get married."

It was 4 four years ago and i was living in Washington, DC.* We were friends first and then we started dating. He was never very romantic so i'm sure i planted the seed in his head that i love surprises and fresh flowers are lovely. I made sure to slip in a comment about how roses are "ugh", and aren't gerbera daises so pretty and colorful? 

I remember him saying "Oh, all girls like those daises." Kinda douchey, no? Anyway, one day during our courtship he did bring me gerbera daisies, and i was surprised. 

That was the last time any man gave me flowers. And that was 2007.

* A shout out to my DC readers! In 1.5 yrs i had 4 apts - dupont circle, U street, capitol hill NE, and G street SE