Yabba dabba licious

I blame the Sunday night blues for reactivating my OkCupid account. The cold weather clouded my brain. You know what also didn't help? Those jack and gingers I was drinking. Alone. On my couch.

The good news is i've received many emails from suitable suitors! The bad news is i'm lying. Here are some delicious nuggets from the past three days:

Yabba dabba licious !

I'm everything you need!

Ps. I cook too!

Subject: Very elegant, you can say hi :)

Text: Very elegant, you can say hi :)

His username: bursitis  

Really? the swelling of joints is your username? In all the words in all the English language, this is the one you choose? Funny, I was going to choose herpes as mine but it was taken.

Hi :) We're like a super match! 96%! Hey, it's science.


Hi! British chap dropping by......nice profile! Sounds like you are open to new experiences in life - but I think the greatest challenge for an American girl is 'how long they could stand the British wit on a first date?' :) I'm a bit cheeky really and quite harmless. Grew up with the 'travel bug' and enjoy being the smiley Brit that says hello to people on 5th Ave even though it's generally not returned!

Perhaps you have time for a chat?
All the best! Mitch

I don't know, Mitch, if i can stand your british wit! However, what i definitely can't stand is an overuse of exclamation points and any use of emoticons. Ever.  :(

Luckily, i'm sober today and Mitch and his friends have reminded me that recycling dates, boyfriends, or online dating sites is bad. Recycling plastic bottles - good.

Today i took the plunge and actually paid $$ for Match.com. Baby steps, my friends. In the 5 hours I've been on match I've received 9 winks, 9 emails, and 64 dudes have viewed me.

Quantity? Yes
Quality? TBD