100FD Guest Dater: Melissa

I'm getting tired of my dates. I want to hear about yours (good or bad).

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Melissa shares a not-so-bad date with a guy that is not-so-much for her. 



100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet?  a friend of mine set us up

Name: John

Height: 6'

Age: 30

Occupation: medical sales

Good quotes from date
"If any of your friends would like their boobs done I could get them a good deal, but it doesn't look like you need it"

the waiter addressed us as Mr. and Mrs....

Why is he still single
He comes on really strong, maybe I'm used to guys that are terrible at dating, but there was no doubt in my mind he was interested.  However, I could be like a guy in a way and like them to play a little hard to get in the beginning to peak my interest.  Also, he spent over $100 on the first date, that made me uncomfortable.



Did he pay for the date? yes

Did he contact you after the date? yes

How many dates did you go on? just one, I gave him the friend vibe

Would you recommend to a friend? definitely, some girls would love him, he is a great guy and would make a great husband... just not for me!

Comments: none

Do you need a husband and a boob job? Look no further than Melissa's date! You you might need to pass this guy on to some friends. Spending $100 on dinner? That's impressive. Guys in NYC don't want to fork over $10 for a cocktail.

Thanks for sharing!