40.1 May 2011: Carlos - Part Deux

This report is long overdue...  

My spontaneous meetup with #40 was a perfect way to end Rapture day and to forget about my horrific brunch date with #42, "Mr. Is-that-Cancer?"

How did you meet? online - my first match.com date

Name: Carlos

Height:  5'10"

Age: 28 or 29

Occupation: filmmaker/producer

Good quotes from date:

Him: "You're cold...here, take my jacket."

Me: "ok, thanks!" (in my head: "let's get married right now!")

Did he pay for the date? He takes out his wallet immediately like a gentleman. He got the first round, I got the second.

Did he contact you after the date? we'll see...he has been out of town for over a week.


Post horrific brunch date, my roommate and I attended a friend's baby shower. We were the only single ladies there. Love was in the air. We had way too many mimosas. I was in a cute new dress. So as you can see, these factors combined with the outcome of date #42, compelled me to reach out to date #40.

I went to his neighborhood and he gave me a little tour. It got chilly and he gave me his coat. These small gestures are so important to me. I also really like his southern accent and his broody, intense eyes.

I was hoping for a smooch at the end of the date, and i felt like he wanted it too, but the cab driver was staring at us. Also, i was a bit tipsy so maybe it was just me who wanted to it. We ended the date in a hug, and him saying, "i'll be out of town for a while..." and me making some dumb joke, 'cause that's what I do best.