44. June 2011: I'm No Surgeon

How did you meet? Okcupid

Name: Brian, one of many

Height: 5'11"

Age: 34

Occupation: engineer of some kind

Good quotes from date:  

Him: "You definitely gave me a cock-eyed look as i approached you." 

Me: "i'm pretty sure i didn't."

Him: "I went on an OKCupid date once with a girl that lived all the way north of central park. That was one of the deciding factors on not going on a second date."

Me: "You're full of shit."

Why is he still single? immature, way too self-deprecating

Did he pay for the date? Yes, he paid for a nice dinner, which really shocked me because he didn't seem at all interested in seeing me again and the feeling was mutual. I offered twice and he said no.

Did he contact you after the date? No.

I emailed him the next day to say a polite "thank you again for the dinner." I usually don't make contact afterwards if i'm not interested in a guy, but i'm starting to think my made-up 'rules' aren't getting me anywhere. In this case it felt right since no one EVER pays for my dinner. I never heard back.

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? possibly

Comments: Like our phone conversation before the date, this guy talked A LOT. He seemed nervous, which can be endearing to me sometimes. Not this time, though. He didn't ask me any questions about myself and he bantered on about really weird, banal, non-dinner subjects. I heard too much about ex-girlfriends and how they inspired some of his hobbies today. 

When he found out we both had shoulder surgery i had the honor of hearing every gory detail about each time his shoulder dislocated. I had to stop him for fear of my dinner coming back up on the table. He seems like a good person overall, just not for me.