45. June 2011: Teach Me Somethin' Good

How did you meet? online

Name: Jack 

Height: 5'8"

Age: 37

Occupation: in grad school for teaching

Good quotes from date:  


"So this sperm whale is halfway onto to our fishing boat, and my friend says, 'you should ride him.'"

"I'm having a great time."

Why is he still single? same reasons i am?

Did he pay for the date?

almost...he put down money for most of the bill and left a really big tip for the cool bartender; all in all i did pay for my own drink. I'll admit this confused me because i thought if a guy likes you he pays. But again, this is one of my silly 'rules' that i've created that aren't getting me anywhere. He is in school after all, with no income.

ALSO, i've had a boatload of guys buy me drinks and food (Brian #1) who definitely didn't want to see me again, so really, what kind of theory is this?

Did he contact you after the date? moving forward with my new philosophy to not wait around, 2 days later i sent him a quick email saying again, "i had a great time chatting with you." He wrote back a cute email asking me to hang out again. See? no reason to wait!

How many dates did you go on? 1 with a second one scheduled this week.

Would you recommend to a friend? no, i like him for me


Part of me wonders if i put off blogging about this date for fear of cursing the outcome. This was a GOOD date. Dare i say - magical? A connection? Chemistry? Do i sound too much like Ashley, the sad Bachelorette? "i mean i'm just looking for my best friend..." - ha ha.

Yes, what the hell. I'm saying it. What do i have to fear? If our second date sucks, or if after two weeks he sucks, I still can't deny that our first date was magical in the simplest of ways. The conversation was easy, he smiled, he laughed, he made me laugh. He has lived an interesting life so far and has interesting stories. He asked me questions about my stories and listened intently. He is a happy, positive person--so rare to find in this giant city. Towards the end of the date, which lasted 3.5 hrs at a bar, he said "i'm having a great time" and I said, "me too." He also gives good hugs.