45.1 June 2011: Teach Me Somethin' Again

How did you meet? Okcupid

Name: Jack

Height: 5'8"

Age: 37

Occupation: Grad school for teaching


No need to fill out the obligatory questions on this one, folks. I HAVE A CRUSH. A real crush. I'm having feelings that i haven't had since date #4 and we all know that one had a sad ending. But i'm trying to keep things in perspective and not over think things. Easier said than done.

So let's stick to the facts here:

-We had a delicious italian dinner in his neighborhood in the cutest restaurant where everyones talks with their hands and says "prego" when they place anything on the table (as an italian, i felt right at home).

-He likes to share food so we shared everything. This is my kind of eater.

-Conversation was as good as it was on the first date. It flowed, we laughed, we talked a lot about growing up, our pasts etc. (no exes talk, thankfully).

-3.5 hrs later we got the check (he paid and i paid the tip. it was not cheap). 

-We walked off the dinner around his neighborhood and he steered me towards a mural that he had been telling me about. 

- He held my hand. He went in for a kiss. It was so, so nice.

- He walked me to a cab, and said "get home safe". 

As i write this i feel the flutter of butterflies in my stomach. He went out of town for a long weekend. We didn't talk about a next date. I guess i'm waiting right now. Waiting and thinking about our date. And smiling. 

Oh, and going out with other men too. Because now that i've read the Four Man Plan book, i see the value in dating several men at once. More on that to come.