For the love of Brian

Brian: The first name Brian refers to a noble or a person of strength, a warrior. Of Irish origin.

Something weird is happening. While my Match profile (the one i paid $$ for) is only drawing the attention of crazy oldies who live in Iowa, my OkCupid profile is blowing up. Just when I felt ready to delete it, men have been emailing me. Many men. Interesting men. Almost all men named Brian (or Bryan). Five of them to be exact.

The universe is speaking to me. I am destined to be with a man named Brian. I've never dated anyone name Brian before and I'm still single! See the direct, logical correlation?

The Brian Breakdown:

1. An artist. A good one. I've seen his website. Meeting up next week.

2. Lives in my neighborhood. He wanted to chat on the phone first. We did. It felt very early 2000s. His emails give off the scent of neuroses but i'm trying not to judge. Meeting up Saturday.

3. A TV producer who writes seriously funny emails. We corresponded in January, he fell off the earth. He wrote me again last week and wants to meet. I said sure...he might have fallen off the earth again. Would like to meet this guy.

4. Just moved to NYC, we share a passion for social justice. Only one email so far.

5. Spells his name with a "y". I'll be honest I didn't like his photos so i didn't write him back.

One this is for sure, i could definitely use a noble, strong, warrior in my life.