My Crush is Crushed

Hey there, - I got back from the family vacation on Tuesday and school's been pretty non-stop.  I'm getting in touch to let you know - I think you're great and really enjoyed the times we hung out, but it didn't seem like the chemistry was fully there.  Perhaps you were thinking the same....  I know the online dating world is fairly lawless, but it seems better to say something than not.  Thanks for spending time with me.  I enjoyed the bit that I got to know you...


This stung. My chemistry radar is broken. And yet, I felt this one coming...8 days since our 2nd date. Too long for no contact.

I waited 1.5 hours for my ego to simmer down.

Then I did the following:

  • Got over Jack.
  • I responded politely thanking him for his honesty and wished him "best of luck with everything". 
  • Acknowledged that knowing where you stand with a man is SO much better than not knowing.
  • Felt happy that my long held theory still holds true: If a man likes you, he doesn't wait more than a week to contact you.
  • Smiled knowing that I'm on the 4 Man Plan. There are many others to date.