100FD Cheat Sheet

The 4 Man Plan's Quarter Man: any men who have your digits or email (a way to contact you), or men you have been on no more than two dates with. You can collect up to 16 Quarter men, just like, well, quarters.

My Quarter Men:

  • Brian #2: Had 2 dates. Out of town for 2 weeks. Says he'll get in touch when he gets back.
  • Brian #3: 1 date. We are supposed to have a 2nd date next week.
  • Brian #4: No, i'm not joking. Future date. We have emailed on/off for over a month on OkCupid and gmail. I'm starting to believe he doesn't exist. Trying to pin down a date for next week.
  • Chang: 1 date. Not sure if i'll hear from him again. He might be moved into the friends pile. (not very 4 Man Plan of me, I know)
  • Gabe: 2 dates. He's 25 now. He should be rolling back into town any time now after 6 weeks away. We have been engaging in semi-regular text-flirting since he left.
  • Daniel: Future date. A new guy from Match - the site that after the first month became a virtual ghost town.
  • Aaron: Old date. Last week I got a text asking for grab a drink that same night. I was busy with another quarter man. We are just friends, as it's been 7 months since our first date. But still, interesting.