100FD Guest Dater: Amy, Back in Action

I'm getting tired of my dates. I want to hear about yours (good or bad).

Fill out my questionnaire, and email it to:

You know you want to.

100FD Questionnaire

How did you meet? OkCupid

Name : Eric

Height : 6'5" (giant!)

Age : 31

Occupation: Grad Student

Good quotes from date:  


 "I guess right now I'm just trying to figure out what it means to be a white male writer today"

Why is he still single?  See above quote

Did he pay for the date? yes

Did he contact you after the date? No and he didn't respond when I contacted him to thank him for the drink. 

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend? Yes, minus the pretension and lack of response post-date he was actually a really nice guy!


Hats off to Amy who just back into the dating game!  Although he didn't respond to your "thank you" text, you had fun, and you are polite. Never stop saying "thank you". 

And, by the way, his quote is priceless. Once he figures that out maybe he can tell me what it means to be a white female blogger today.