Pack Up the U-Haul

While perusing my usual blogs bored at work (I mean during my lunch hour) I came across this lovely video of a guy in a cab whose driver refuses to take him to Brooklyn.The passenger gets pissed because it is illegal to refuse a fare, after all, then the cabbie tries to punch him in the face. Nice! I heart NYC.

This happens to me, oh I don't know, just about every time I ever want to take a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn so I can relate. But none of that is the point. 

The point is that at the beginning of the news clip you'll see a "cool" looking hipster dude in a plaid shirt and sunglasses smoking a butt. Then at minute 1:20 he gets a real live interview where he bitches about the trials and tribulations of living in a borough that isn't Manhattan with his name on the screen and everything.

Well, guess what people? That guy is this guy: Date #34, Chuck. (I usually change names to protect the innocent/annoying. I wasn't too creative with this one.) What are the odds that out of all the stupid blogs, videos and news clips on the interweb not only would "Chuck" get interviewed but that I would see it?

My friends and I have an ongoing joke that at some point in time I will have dated everyone in New York City. At which time I will have to move.  

This is that time.