51. September 2011: Howard - Signs, Signs Everywhere There's Signs

How did you meet? online, HowAboutWe

Name: Howard

Height: He said 6' but more like 5'10"

Age: 29

Occupation: self-employed/real estate

Good quotes from date
Him: "I have an obsessive, psychotic personality."

Me: "I'm not sure you should use the word psychotic with someone you just met."

Why is he still single? Nothing stands out, he's a nice guy.

Did he pay for the date? Yes, he started a tab at the bar.

Did he contact you after the date? yes, he texted me the morning after saying he had a good time.

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend?  Yes.


Howard showed all the signs of an interested dude: he inched closer to me on the bench, tried to touch my hand, and attempted to make out with me on the street. But he isn't good at reading the I'm-not-interested-signs. And there were many. Like me moving away from him on the bench, pulling my hand out of his, and extricating myself from his grasp outside the bar. He wouldn't let go. I actually had to say "You have to let go, I'm going home."

Although Howard is illiterate in body language, he is a good guy. But I felt nothing almost immediately. I saw him at the end of the bar and after 3 seconds of chatter all I wanted to do was go back home to my couch and TV. Sad, but true. 

As we talked at the bar I kept staring at this guy across from us who was really cute and my type physically. I tried to send him a telepathic message that said "I'm on this date, but I'd like to be on one with you! Please find me on missed connections." I don't think he heard me though.

I want to feel SOMETHING on these dates: chemistry, sparks, fireworks, anything that would make me want to stay for more than one drink. 

Lovely readers, I need help. If you know any normal dude between the ages of 30-43 in the NYC area who is willing to go on a date with a dating blogger, please send him my way. If we get married you will be invited to our destination wedding all expenses paid.