52. October 2011: William, A Good Date

How did you meet? online, Match

Name: William

Height: 5'8"


Occupation: writer/musician but has a real day job

Good quotes from date

Him: "I really need to get a bike, but I can't seem to find the right one."

Me: "I'm sure there are some bikes out there..."

Him: "Nope. No bikes anywhere. I googled it. I typed in 'bike' and nothing came up." 

(My first genuine loud laugh on a date in a long, long time!)

Why is he still single? I'm not sure. He alluded to how hard it is to date in NYC and that he hasn't had a long lasting relationship. I wanted to ask how long was the longest but then I knew I'd prejudge based on his answer so I kept my mouth shut.

Did he pay for the date? Yes, he started a tab at the bar.

Did he contact you after the date? I had a good time, so I texted him the next day saying so and thanking him for the drinks. He responded with a jokey question about something we'd chatted about the night before. Bonus points. I responded back.

How many dates did you go on? 1

Would you recommend to a friend?  Yes.


The more I think about this date the more I like it. It was one of those rainy, cold Sunday nights and I really wanted to cancel. My friends told me to grow a pair and meet this guy. I'm glad I did. He had great stories, he was friendly and open and cute. Very cute. And a good dresser. And he walked me home completely out of his way! 

He went in the for the kiss on the lips as a goodbye which is still very weird to me. Are dudes trying to see if there's a connection? I need a little warming up before a smooch. We did a quick, awkward peck on the lips and then a hug. I said thanks again. He said "Maybe we'll hang out again" or something similar. I really don't know if he was into me. I think he had fun but it's anybody's guess if I'll hear from him. However I'm realizing that it's okay. I'm happy to have had a good date. Really it's true.