Nugget o'the day: Prince Genji

Another OkCupid message I received recently. Please file this under "Why I'm Still Single."


I watch TV when I eat and last night there was a show about the Tale of Genji. It told of how Prince Genji had great success with women. Now this was 1000 AD Japan and to find a new love you had to be in the dark.

The man and woman were set apart. Separated by a screen. The man had only his words alone to seduce his mistress. Based only on what he said, she would decide whether to slide back the screen and grant Prince Genji entrance to her room.

What fascinated me is that things really haven't changed much today. At least online. Over 1000 years have passed and we're still separated by a "screen", courting each other with words true to our Genji roots.

I must say, I want to arouse the birds and the beasts booming in you. Leave your reluctance and your inner door unlocked. Do you believe that's possible?


I agree that the birds and beasts within me do need to be aroused but I don't think Prince G is the right man for the job.