Nuts or Not?

Part of my 'new' philosophy on dating for the fall season is to be more open to everyone.  So I decided to dig back into the online archives and see if there was anyone decent that I never met up with. This guy below has a witty profile and ok pics so I decided to re-reach out.
I'm getting some weirdo vibes, but I'd like a second, third, or eighth opinion, so I'm asking you all to help out.
Please answer this question after reading and leave in the comments.
Me: I feel like we emailed awhile back but match is really excellent at deleting messages. Even if we didn't, I like what you have to say particularly about cuddling (although on a cold winter night I wouldn't rule out a snuggie), passion, and expression. I also enjoy discussing stuff.

Him: i think you're right, and i have no idea where we left off or why we faded away.
what stuff do you like discussing? where in brooklyn are you?
Me: hi, I'm in _____. I've lived there for about 4 years, which is hard to believe...time kind of flew by. Before that I was on the upper west side. What part of the bk are you in?

I guess I like to discuss the usual stuff like current events, art, politics, how much I dislike politicians, if facebook is the answer to everything or the beginning of the demise of human interaction, and other hot topics like where is the best chinese food in queens and how can I bike there.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Him: i'm in _____. been here 13 years and in brooklyn 14.

i like all that stuff, too.

i am now going home this weekend. the descendents, X, the dead milkmen and X are playing in philly saturday at my cousin is getting me VIP for the show. sunday the eagles are playing the giants in philly and i'm going to a local sports bar with my sister...and root for the giants. weird neither of us likes the eagles. hopefully we won't get into any fights.
Me: sounds like a funfilled weekend. im seeing the fleet foxes tomorrow in east river park. We'll probably be rained on but i'm looking forward to it. Then i have a birthday party in the city- the meatpacking...I will also try not to get in any fights.

he said: let's compare battle scars next week?

Me: sounds good!
A few days later I get 3 messages from him in a row...

Him: when?
Him: ha! 
Him: ha! 
Me: im confused..what does the "ha!" mean?  (because I really am confused)
Him: it means it is funny that match put you as one of my daily 5 matches and i responded ha to it, but they didn't wrap it in any context because this site kinda sucks.
Me: Got it. All these sites kinda suck, no? So I'm free Thursday night after 8 or I'm around this weekend as well. Let me know what you're thinking.
Him yes, they all suck. i can do this weekend. thursday, my friend is having a launch party for his new book.

After the aforementioned "weekend".
Him: what happened to you?

Me:  Uh, not sure how to answer that. Your last email didn't really require a response. I figured if you wanted to meet up this weekend you would have reached out about making a plan.