A Thanksgiving Letter to My Ex

Dear Ex-Boyfriend of 3 Years,

I am thankful for you breaking up with me in September 2009 in the most awful way possible. If you didn't, we'd be married by now, and I would likely be filing for divorce due to 'irreconcilable differences' in a much less glamorous way than Kim Kardashian.

You leaving me physically and emotionally that rainy, autumn night actually set me free. You allowed me to be happier than I was with you, and happier, well, than I've ever been in my life.

I am thankful for the ability to blog this on my Mac book - a Christmas gift from you. I am thankful for my bike that I use to travel around Brooklyn and Queens - a birthday gift from you. I am thankful for this freedom that has allowed me to explore life and take on new challenges - without you.

Thank you for helping me to realize that someone like you is NOT compatible with
someone like me. Thank you for making me understand that listening to my gut is the healthiest thing I can ever do.

Like that time we were discussing moving to a new city together and just to piss me off you said, "What if I get a job in Iowa? Would you go?" (no offense to Iowa or the people who live there), and I said I don't want to live somewhere far away from my friends and my life, and you said, "You know, at some point the two of us have to be enough. I have to be enough."

Thank you for saying that, because I felt something off in my gut and didn't understand until later what it was. The truth is you would never have been enough, not just because we were incompatible, but because one person will never be "enough" for me to be happy.

I need friends (who are more or less my family), real family, separate interests, and a stimulating city/town to have a fulfilling life. I am thankful that you helped me discover this, and now I can look for a partner who understands that.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't choke on a turkey bone. Or do.




I am truly thankful for ALL of you who read this blog and remind me that I'm single but not alone.