59. November 2011: Daniel, Too Much Too Soon?

How did you meet? online,OkCupid

Name: Daniel

Height: 5'11"

Age: 36

Occupation: video editor

Good quotes from date:
"I feel great. Are you having fun?"

"I'm sorry. I revealed too much on a first date. I just wheeled my baggage right in."

"I like doing laundry its very cathartic."

Loud, drunk, old guy next to us asks if I'm Daniel's wife while I'm in the bathroom. (That's how much touching was going on). He says, "No it's a first date."

"Oh, well that explains why you said you like to do laundry. Because you want to get into her pants." (This recap when I returned from the bathroom really made me laugh.)

Why is he still single? I really don't know. He's a total sweetheart.

Did he pay for the date? He bought two rounds, I bought one. 3 drinks for me on a "school" night is a big deal.

Did he contact you after the date? yes, he texted that had an awesome time

How many dates did you go on? 2 (that post coming soon)

Would you recommend to a friend? yes.


When I mentioned touching above, I meant he was touching me. A lot. My arm when he talked, my back, which often turned to rubbing, then some leg taps, all the while his legs were intertwined on the legs of my bar stool. At one point I almost fell off the stool towards the right side as he leaned in so very close on my left. I mentioned it casually. 

He apologized, he didn't realize he was too close. I tried not to make him feel bad about the touching. He is one of those touchy/feely guys. He wasn't being creepy or weird, this is just who is. I found it mostly endearing. But mostly it was touching like you'd touch a friend or sister. Or that is how I felt. 

We chatted about many, many things. He hates the surburbs - he's never going back. His family still lives there. He told me he's the last of his friends to be single, he's a late bloomer, and he started to tell me a few date/relationship stories and then thought the better of it. "Not for a first date", he said. To be honest it was all a little too much. I usually like playful banter on a first date with a few heavier questions thrown in.

But Daniel is obviously kind and caring and sensitive. Too sensitive? Possibly. But I accepted a dinner date when he called me on the phone two days later. Yes, that's right. He called.