65 Years Later...

My grandparents are still married.

I called them last week to wish them a Happy Anniversary.

Me: "How does it feel?"

Grandpa: "When I was married only a few months I would meet couples who had been married 5 or 10 years and I would think, wow! that seems like a long time. And here we are at 65, and it went by fast. Almost three quarters of a century and it went by so fast."

Me: "How did you celebrate?"

Grandpa: "We made a lot of noise at our 25th, 50th, and 60th so for our 65th we stayed quiet. We ate macaroni and enjoyed our meal." (Being Italian, pasta is always involved.)

Grandpa: "65 years ago it was a very cold day. Not like today. Today I saw someone in a T shirt."

Grandma: "I hope to make it to make to 70."

G&G I love you lots and if I find a partner to enjoy macaroni with for only half the time that you've been together I'll be more than happy. Happy 65th!