I'm Making Myself Sick

Maybe you've read some of my recent tweets and maybe you've noticed that many have revolved around whiskey, drinking, getting drunk and then being hungover. Well guess what? I'm disgusted with myself. Wholeheartedly. (As I write this I'm nursing a hangover).
I had a physical last week and my doc told me I'd lost a good 8 pounds since April. Looks like joining that new fancy gym, which inspired my recent obsession with spin class, has paid off! And yet I've seen myself tumble into a downward spiral that started in the beginning of December.
I attended no less than 12 birthday parties or holiday parties that always included booze and often included cookies made with butter and white sugar. I went on four dates that all included "getting a drink".

My sugar highs and lows and hangovers lead me to eat everything in sight at home and then when that's done I go out and buy more terrible things to consume. Like chicken fingers and fries and chips and brownies. And loads of coffee.
Some people might acknowledge this about themselves and then resolve to do something about it in the new year. This person (me) is resolving to do something about it now. And I'm telling all of you to make it real. I have this week off from work and it's going to be drink free! Sure I can drink water or ginger ale or tea or coffee, but I will not drink a drop of alcohol for seven whole days.
But, 100FD, what about New Year's Eve? The truth is I hate that evening and I'm planning on not going out. I'm thinking my couch and some movies will make wonderful NYE dates. So folks there you have it.
Do you think I can do it? I'd like to believe it's possible, and that I'll try really hard. Either way I'll be tweeting about it and if I slip up I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.