Nugget O' the Day: Thank U 4 This Message

A Lovely Email Exchange on Thanksgiving

Him: i can't quite tell if you're a chubster but i challenge u to an arm wrestling/beer chugging/burger eating contest anyway! 

Me: Funny because I can tell right away from your message that you're a douchebag. Off to shove my face with turkey! 

Him: Oh no c' mon don't b like that. Levity is what makes fake thxgvng so much. I was kidding w u. 


While making stuffing with my mother in the kitchen I received this message, which provided endless entertainment for the rest of the morning. My father even tried to give me advice as to how to "help" this young gentleman. Tell him it's rude to insult a woman's weight. Oh, Dad this guy has much bigger problems. Like using the English language properly and understanding the definition of levity. 

For the record, I'm proportional and do not allude to arm wrestling, beer or burgers in my profile.