Nugget O' the Day: Wow, Wow, Wow!!

Just received this message on OkCupid:

Wow, Wow, Wow!!

Okay, not that I've got that out of the way I wanted to say hi ;) My name is Joe, and it seems like from the words you wrote on your page we may have a bit in common. I see a lot of personality coming through in your words as well, awesome!

Would love to learn more about you, and if the feeling is mutual, drop me a line!


Dear J,

I'd like to tell you about the feelings I'm feeling but I'm going to assume they aren't mutual. 

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Settle down old boy. Did you just get released from prison? If so, maybe you're not entirely aware that using emoticons and over-using exclamation points are frightening in an opening message (and in subsequent ones as well). 

If by things in common you mean that we both use words and we type them on the internet page then yes we have that in common, though I don't think that makes a perfect match. Thank you; I do have a personality and I'm happy to hear that my words reflect that.

I see you are a pilot from your five photos in which you are: 

1. Flying a plane

2. Posing outside a plane in a pilot uniform

3. Standing next to something weird in an airport in a pilot uniform

4. Dressed in a Mexican poncho with a beer in hand (ok, that one threw me)

I think I've learned all I need to know about you! ;0